Reputable & Reliable

Whether you’re a Landlord or a Tenant, you need to ensure that your selected Property Manager provides the best possible service and dedication towards your Investment and its highly valued Tenants.

Kelly Jaye Property Management are professional, knowledgeable, experienced, helpful and open when discussing matters pertaining to your property and its Tenants. We mediate and achieve the best possible outcome for all parties through our extensive on the job experience and our clear knowledge on all legal aspects of Property Management.

We understand that owning or renting an investment property is a financial commitment for the Landlord and an enjoyable lifestyle for the Tenants. It is essential to ensure that your Property Manager is professionally trained, experienced and competent to handle any situation quickly. Our professional approach to your Investment and Tenancy ensures you will feel secure under our Management. 

We at Kelly Jaye Property Management know that it is extremely important to ensure that the Tenant is always treated with the respect and professional courtesy that is expected because the Tenant is the backbone for a successful property Investment.


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