Managing your investment property

Kelly Jaye Property Management provides the Investor with an Innovative Management System and takes pride in the better way to carry out your requirements.

With proven results to show that we have perfected the process of Leasing and managing your Investment property, Investors can feel confident and secure that their Investment is in good hands and your property will be screaming success.


 One Person   -   One Strategic Plan   -   One Result    =    SUCCESS                 


One Person 

When you entrust your Property with Kelly Jaye Property Management you will be allocated an experienced and dedicated Property Manager to look after your Investment Property.

Your Property Manager will be solely responsible for the day to day management of your property and will be able to provide you with real time information concerning your property through the leasing and management stages of your Investment.

Kelly Jaye Property Management has proven through past experience that working together with the Investor to deliver a Strategic Plan that is tailored to the Investment needs is a fundamental step that ensures your Investment Property is successful. Your dedicated Property Manager will over time, develop and deliver a successful Strategic Asset Management Plan that is tailored to your Investment needs.

Every Investment Property is unique and requires an experienced and fully trained Property Manager to stay ahead of the rest in the industry while developing new innovative ideas to incorporate into your Investment portfolio.


One Strategic Plan 

Kelly Jaye Property Management understands that a Strategic Plan that works for one property may not necessarily work for a different property. Our experience and presence in various markets within different suburbs across Melbourne allows us to incorporate a range of Marketing Strategies to suite the location of the property and ultimately giving your Investment Property the edge that results in reduced vacancy periods and higher returns.

Marketing your property for lease carries risks that the Investor may not have considered or experienced when dealing with local Property Managers. Kelly Jaye Property Management goes beyond marketing your property for lease by developing and implementing our Strategic Management Plans that enable our clients to achieve outstanding results for their individual Investments that would not have been achieved elsewhere.

Kelly Jaye Property Management also provides an advantage to our Tenants that want to move into a different suburb by only having to deal with their dedicated Property Manager that has the experience and presence in various markets within different suburbs across Melbourne. It is this experience and presence that satisfies our Tenants that they are equally valued as our Landlords.


One Result

Success by;

>  Minimised or eliminated vacancy periods

>  Higher return rates

>  Successful Investment returns (yield and capital).

>  Proactive approach

>  A tailored strategic plan

>  Not allowing the outcome of your Investment Property to chance

>  Eliminated rent arrears


Just some of the benefits our clients are experiencing at the moment

Our clients have experienced dramatic changes and results in their Investment Properties after utilising the services of Kelly Jaye Property Management. Their financial returns and the style of Management and communication that they receive far exceed their expectations.

We know the key to maximising your investment.